“Blogging is like a diary, it just never get lost.”

- Emad Iqbal Ali
Founder Emad's Blog - Emad Iqbal Ali
About Emad's Blog

About My Blog

I was on a 6 hours ride, I usually grab my headphones for music and something to read. At that I didn’t have my kindle along with me so I didn’t got any books. 

I was searching for something when I was introduced to Quora, a Q&A site which is filled with amazing people sharing their experiences from all over the world. I was impressed by it and simultaneously inspired. 

It was a matter of time, and I hopped into blogging where I share plenty of things I’ve knowledge in or just much requested questions I get to answer on Quora.

For now, it is like a personal diary for me. 

You are a click away from my blog! 

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