Who is this guy? Dude or myth?

About us

Emad Iqbal Ali

Blogging is like a dairy, it just never get lost

Emad’s Blog was founded by Emad Iqbal Ali 2 years ago. While on a trip, I was introduced to Quora. Ever since, I wrote my hearts out there helping people with their questions. In no time, I received over 1.2 million answer views in all. 

People started messaging me personally for helping them out in various things. It is then how this blog was founded. I made this blog to help people out with technology who are not tech-savvy likewise it is merged with other categories.

That’s enough for blogging, now here’s something about me.

I happen to be a part time blogger who blogs about everything else from trending to technology. I also work as a freelancer, writing content for different blogs or people and building sites based on WordPress for them. 

If you’re willing to hire me, you can do it here.

Now, coming to real part.

In real, I’m basically a 19 years young soul dealing with a lot in the life. I’m currently expecting to be graduated in Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical by 2021.

I usually love to wander around, play soccer or just spend time with family & friends. I love making new friends and solving problems, you can always reach out to me to learn.

I promise I wouldn’t disappoint you.

Have a nice day.