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Thanks for showing interest in writing a guest post for me.

I’m keen to accept guest posts however, I would also like to make sure that it meets certain criteria before I accept the articles. It’s not like I will reject it in the first phase itself, it’s like I’ll make you do the changes if necessary or if it is really way out of the guidelines I will provide below to compile the guest post.

Why Write For Us?

  • A chance to increase and improve your writing skills.
  • A good chance to share your amazing work with us and reach to people out there.
  • In return we promote your site by giving In-Post Author Bio with your Blog or Social link just below the article.
  • You will also the attention of Google or say Link Juice.

By Writing An Article For Me, You’re Accepting The Following Conditions:

  • You’re giving me rights to publish the article on any of my blog.
  • You’ll not publish the article anywhere else.
  • You will follow the guidelines I will provide to write a good looking article for Guest Post.

Guidelines For Writing A Guest Post For Us?

  • The article should be well written and must meet a minimum word count requirement of 1100 to 1700 words.
  • It should be in-depth researched and we don’t entertain any articles which are limited to giving basic information or incomplete information.
  • If applicable, link to the external sites from where you extract Statistics or any detailed information.
  • Use illustrative image in the post and make sure it is free to use for commercial or personal purposes.

Note: I will not accept any articles which will be promoting specific products or services. However, you’re exempted from this condition if you know me personally. Please, contact me if you know me personally.

Guest Post Example:

6 Netflix TV Shows You Should Watch Before Dying

Send Us A Guest Post?

You can first contact us and discuss with us about the topic. Please contact [email protected]